We have 3 options for shipping

  1. Our truck $5.00 per loaded mile. This will be the most expensive option. Eventually we may become cheaper as we get more deliveries or possible milk runs to certain districts.
  2. You can bid it out on Uship. Uship is a site like eBay with a bidding and feedback style platform. This can be a way to get a deal. There are some drawbacks to getting a good price though. The main one is that you will  typically need wait for at least a week and be ready to accept a bid . Trusses should be paid for before placing on bid.
  3. Ship via LTL carrier using the shipping tool. This way usually costs around $250-$450. These trusses will have to be bundled and crated properly for a fee of $20.00 per foot surcharge if being shipped by van lines (box trailer).  If you don't crate these, they will be destroyed. For this option you need to ship them somewhere with a way to unload -- preferably to a business address. Since the trusses will have to be crated, you may not have an opportunity to inspect the delivery as it may take too long to unbundle in front of the drivers (They don't like to wait around and they can charge for a delay).
  4. All have their benefits. 1&2 you can hand unload and be in contact with the driver. 3 you can have shipped a long way for cheap.